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Uncle Shammy Endless Pack

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$125.75 (NonMember)
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Product Number: US310EP
Weight: 2.30
Brand: Uncle Shammy
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Clean an entire Town? The 100 pack is four full boxes of savings.  Great for the whole family and anyone else you know needs to clean their glass products.  The hunters in the family won’t be without a Shammy in their pack for their optics, binoculars and GPS displays. The creative hobbyist will love an Uncle Shammy to pamper their cameras and lenses.  The gamers need to keep those screens clean for endless hours of online fun.  How about keeping those car dials clean so you can watch the needle go to the red line.  The Uncle Shammy Endless Pack can cover it all.

  • 100 Shammys
  • Resealable Package
  • Portable
  • Cleans Everything