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Orange Whip Trainer

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Product Number: OWT
Weight: 2.40
Brand: Orange Whip
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The Orange Whip Golf Trainer is the longest version and most physically demanding of Golf Training Devices. Because of this Golf Swing Trainer's length, balance and tempo easily develop because the user must wait for the momentum to gather. Also the development of flexibility and range of motion is greater when compared to the other two versions. Swinging the Trainer is most similar to swinging a driver. The extra length also encourages more patience in the transition to avoid the "quick" swings and the common "over the top" swing fault.

Recommended for people 5" and above. As ability of the golfer increases the height of user becomes less of a factor. It can be difficult to control for seniors women beginners or shorter golfers in Golf Instruction.

  • For - Designed for men and taller women.
  • Length - 47.5 inches in total length approximately 45" actual swing length (Men's Driver)
  • Weight - The total weight is 1.76 pounds.
  • More Info - Simulates Driver motion. Recommended Whip for Core Fitness and Flexibility.
  • Ideal Whip for Balance and Tempo enhancement.

  • “The Orange Whip is just a fantastic tool for the one plane swing to build up a sense of turning the hips and core to generate power.  It is the best device I have ever seen to develop a correct feel for sequencing the hips and core to whip the arms and club rather than using effort in the arms to try to whip the club. I'm a true believer in this.”

                      -Jim Hardy, Top 100 Golf Instructor